New Years Eve Emergency

February 26, 2011

With full conviction, I recommend Antonio Acosta with I T C Restoration. It is my hopes that you will not experience a situation that
restoration services are required but should you, Antonio and his team are who you need in your corner to help rectify a unwanted
situation and get you back up and operational.
On New Year’s Eve our Association experienced a dreadful mishap. Our residential building is designed with a waste closet on each of
the floors that also contains a trash chute. Early morning New Year’s Day, a Resident placed their garbage in one of the waste closets
and mistakenly did not realize the waste contained matter that was not properly extinguished. What turned into a small blaze, set off the
waste closet’s fire sprinkler. If you are familiar, these sprinklers are designed to contain a great deal of water pressure that when initiated
prevent a fire from potential spreading. The sprinklers are quite thorough and do a good job, some may say too well. This one fire
sprinkler dispensed enough water to affect multiple units and floors in minutes before the Fire Department deemed the area safe to shut
off the sprinkler.
On this very early holiday morning, approximately 4:00a.m., I called and was able to reach Antonio of I.T.C. Restoration Services. Antonio
advised he and his crew would be on site within minutes (not hours) and he was! I.T.C. is very experienced and systematic in their
approach to emergency situations. He was able to provide services to all those affected and help to remedy the situation. He jumped
right in and removed the excess water. I.T.C has state of the art technology and equipment that make his treatments much more
effective. There were areas of the property that to the naked eye looked to be unaffected proved to be the contrary under the advanced
camera imaging tools utilized. These advanced detection methods allowed for proper preventative treatment to eliminate an environment
prone for mold. That is important with the humidity conditions that Florida is all too well known to have.
I.T.C. also has the resources to contingently undertake a large project, which is a relief when dealing with certain entities and insurances.
I hope that you never need a restoration company but should you ever find yourself in such a situation that you would, Antonio and his
team at I.T.C are an ally to have on your side. His team will help everyone get back on their feet and improve a most unpleasant situation.

LCAM Association Manager

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