Excellent work by ITC

I highly recommend the professionals at Integrated Trades Corp (ITC-Restoration) for any work needed to remodel or improve your home.  I contacted
them initially to obtain a quote to replace my entire 23 year old Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation System, including replacing both the inside
and outside units and the ducting.  During the initial inspection of the system to obtain the best quote, we discussed some water damage remediation
work that we also needed.  I learned that ITC could also provide that water remediation work, including any mold remediation that may be uncovered.
ITC provided me with quotes for both jobs that were below the other quotes I had received, with the best material I thought to be available.

Due to the nature and extensive work needed, I had to move out while the main work was performed.  Both jobs were completed within the time span
estimated, which was slightly extended when mold was uncovered and treated.  The professionals at ITC kept me appraised of each day’s work and
welcomed me each day that I chose to stop by.

The total work performed was
– Replace the outside AC/Heat Pump with a larger, 16 SEER unit
– Replace the inside Air Handler and Heater with a larger unit
– Replace and rework all ducting to correct initial cost cutting measures taken by the home builder that prevented proper air circulation in all rooms
– Replace water damaged carpets in 2 bedrooms, the Master Bedroom’s Walk-in Closet and the closet in the other bedroom with high quality tile
– Replace the tile in the Master Bathroom’s tub/shower to correct incorrect work performed by a prior contractor
– Open the walls in the water damaged rooms to check for and remediate mold that formed due to the water damage and incorrect work by the
previous contractor
– Close the walls and paint the appropriate rooms

I’ve waited a few weeks since the work was finished to be sure everything is working well.  I’ve only had one issue, and that was a defect in a tubing
connection that caused the Air Conditioner to not cool the house.  The folks at ITC were back out the day I called about that issue and had it resolved
within a few short hours.

The professionals at ITC went above and beyond to provide my family and me with high quality workmanship and a very affordable price.  My wife and I
have already recommended the professionals of ITC to friends and co-workers, we’re that confident of ITC providing them with high quality work at a
reasonable cost.

Oviedo, Florida

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