Kissimmee Mold Removal

Do you suspect Mold in your Kissimmee home or business?


Mold is a hazardous condition that can be damaging to your health and your property. Mold may start growing 24 hours after a water leak and propagates through the release of tiny mold spores that travel though the air and will grow on any porous service such wood, fabric, carpet, food or drywall .

Untreated, Mold can damage the structure of your home or business and much worse, mold has immediate and severe effects on human health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the effects of mold on humans include: allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory complaints, nasal stuffiness, eye and skin irritations. Some people with chronic lung disease, such as COPD may develop mold infections in their lungs.

senior-discountsIf you suspect the presence of harmful mold within your Kissimmee, Poinciana or St.Cloud home or business, the first step is to contact a licensed mold inspector who will conduct a visual and scientific survey of the property. Remember to ask for the inspector’s proof of state certifications because some unethical companies will falsely represent themselves as licensed. .Your inspector will take air and surface samples and will provide you a written scientific report based on sampled evidence and inspection, stating the degree or density of mold present and what steps should be taken to remedy the situation.

If your report shows a dangerous level of mold, you will want to seek out a licensed mold removal company like ITC Restoration to perform the necessary repairs to bring your Kissimmee property to safe levels. ITC Restoration uses scientific and safe mold removal procedures to restore your property to it’s previous condition or better! ITC Restoration will also work with your insurance company every step of the way to make sure that your claim is processed smoothly. Don’t be frightened or pressured by unethical companies. ITC Restoration does not believe in high pressure or scare tactics but a measured approach to remedy an unfortunate situation.


The very first steps in a mold remediation once the presence of mold has been established is containing the spread of mold and the removal of mold infested materials. These materials could be drywall, carpet, fabrics, wood and other porous materials that mold spores will infect. This removal process must be done in a scientific and safe manner to prevent the spreading of the mold spores. Scientific mold measuring will take air samples to verify the containment and elimination. The final step when the mold spores have been eliminated is the restoration of the structure, which can include installing drywall, carpets, drapes and interior fixtures.

You can trust the professionals at ITC Restoration to treat you in an ethical and considerate manner. We understand that the mold removal process is very disruptive and every effort will be taken to speedily restore your property to it’s previous condition or better.