Kitchen Fire Restoration

Kitchen fires are the number one fire threat inside your home

In Orlando and nationwide, fires occur in kitchens all too frequently with 156,000 recorded fires, resulting in 420 deaths and close to one billion dollars of property damage in the US during 2010 according to the National Fire Protection Assn.The number one cause was unattended cooking which can easily happen especially around the chaotic holidays. Hopefully nobody was injured, but what can you do after the fire has been extinguished? Who do you call and what can you expect to happen? These are all questions that American families face when rebuilding from a destructive kitchen fire.

In Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida communities, ITC Restoration is an expert in restoring fire damaged kitchens to better than new condition. Experts in fire damage restoration of both residential and commercial properties for more than seven years, ITC Restoration is the one company that you should call to remove fire damaged materials and scientifically re mediate the effects of smoke and soot plus rebuild your kitchen using quality cabinets and fixtures. Licensed and certified by governmental and restoration industry groups, we are trained to completely eliminate the after effects of a destructive fire.


ITC Restoration is very familiar with the insurance claims process and uses industry standard estimating software according to standard insurance company practices. We also offer discounts to senior services and affordable rates for losses not covered by insurance coverage. Whether your loss be fire related, water or mold, the experts at ITC Restoration will treat you with dignity and respect during the entire restoration process. Just call (407) 235-0249 for an immediate 24/7 response.

Tips for preventing Kitchen fires and injuries when cooking

  • Keep towels oven mitts, packaging or anything that could be flammable away from the stove.
  • If you believe a kitchen appliance is not functioning, correctly then do not use and dispose of.
  • Keep your hair and loose clothing away from stove tops when cooking
  • Keep your stove top and surfaces clean and free of grease
  • Do not allow children to come close to the stove when cooking
  • Keep the floors dry and free of grease when cooking
  • Always, always attend to food when cooking. Do not leave the room without turning off the stove.
  • Keep a functioning fire extinguisher in the kitchen at all times

Call (407) 235-0249 for an immediate response for your kitchen fire damage!