Orlando Water Damage


Dateline Orlando FL.: When a water line breaks or a toilet overflows in your Orlando area home or business, an urgent situation is created that requires immediate attention before there is extensive damage to the walls, floors, ceilings and furnishings in your home.

Don’t delay! Call (407) 235-0249 for emergency service.


Time is of the essence when stopping a dangerous flow of water and quickly extracting the water and moisture so potential damage can be contained. Unfortunately, sometimes the homeowners is not home when disaster happens and water will run for an extended period of time causing even more damage to the structure. Whatever the reason, the professionals at ITC Restoration are fully equipped to fully extract all water and moisture from your residence or business whenever your water damage emergency occurs; day or night preventing further damage and the4 dangerous outbreak of mold.

Equipped with state-of-the-art moisture measuring devices which can detect unseen water damage and industrial drying and de-humidifying equipment, ITC will pinpoint and remedy the direct cause of your water damage and professionally dry your home or office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Family owned and operated with an extensive background in construction and remodeling, ITC will  bring your property up to the same condition or in most cases even better. Remember that excessive moisture can lead to mold growth and so when you are re mediating water damage, time is of the essence.

ITC Restoration provides emergency service for water emergencies caused by:

  •  Toilet or sink malfunctions

  •  Fire sprinklers

  •  Water line break

  •  Appliance malfunction

  •  Roof or slab leaks

  •  Floodwaters entering dwelling

  •  Air conditioner leaks

ITC Restoration will bill your insurance company using industry approved software to make sure that your water damage claim process goes smoothly. In fact, often homeowners will have none or very little out of pocket cost repairing the damage to their home. ITC can also facilitate the removal of water damaged materials and the restoration of floors, walls and ceiling damage to as good as new condition for a reasonable price.

An unfortunate aftermath to a water emergency in our Florida climate can be toxic mold. Mold needs dampness to thrive and house interior with excessive moisture condition will provide a conducive environment for mold growth.. Visit our web page on Mold to learn more. Don’t let a water emergency lead to a much more costly repairs and health problems. Call ITC Restoration Emergency services number (407) 235-0249 day or night when you have a water emergency or flood in your Orlando area home or business and protect your health and property. Remember when a water emergency happens, you are racing against the clock!